by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Every time you turn to look at her

Only to realize her eyes lack the spark that shone in mine-

Light her eyes on fire.


If she doesn’t write about you

Stop reading.


Burn my poems and my letters

And our pictures

Then use the flame to warm her heart.


At nights,

when you close your eyes and see me,

Try to replace my face with hers.


Stop smoking my cigarettes,

Stop singing along to Queen.

When you walk into a room and suffocate in the smell of my Chanel perfume,

Stop breathing.


When our souls collided,

They combined- Delving into each other-

Gently embodying into one, definite form.


My best advice on how to forget me?

Stop being yourself.

Because a part of me consists of you,

And a part of you consists of me.


Become somebody new.

Replace your broken, dysfunctional heart

with a better one, made of stone.


Erase our memories,

Conceal your mind with layers and layers

Of lies, illusions,



Have you forgotten me yet?


 -F.Z (Thewanderess/ theheroiccouplet)