When you left

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

I was so hurt,

that I became sensitive.

I was broken

and so every time someone touched me,

it hurt.

Just a simple touch

was enough to make me cry and wail.

Situations I would previously be indifferent about

Now mattered more than my own mental health.

Insignificant pain

had become unbearable.

I couldn’t stand even the tiniest bit of heartbreak anymore;

I would simply break down.

I became weak.

All that trauma had softened me.


But I guess I deserved it.

For all the people I’ve hurt in the past,

all the empathy I used to lack;

I wonder how many hearts I’ve shattered,

How many fires I put out and turned people cold.


And just how I turned others into vulnerable beings

without feeling the tiniest bit of guilt,

It was my time to turn into one.


-F.Z (thewanderessblog)