Part V: The acceptance

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

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PART V: The acceptance

Once all my pieces were mended back together, I finally got to see the world more clearly. Now, when I say all my pieces, I mean the pieces of my old self; the person I was before you. But of course there’s still gaps and stitches inside of me, that may or may not be filled or heal in time. But that’s okay. Acceptance -I’ve grown to learn- has nothing to do with things getting any better. It only has to do with you being fine with whatever was, whatever is, whatever will be. I’ve accepted that I lost you, and that I possibly lost you forever. I’ve accepted that you found someone else, and that you may or may not love her more than me. I’ve accepted that you moved on, and that you may never think about me again. I’ve accepted that we might never speak again. You are allowed to live you life any way you wish to. I do not get to control your actions, your future. You are you, just how I am me. And you are the protagonist of your own life just how I am the protagonist of mine. I have no power over you. And that’s okay. I don’t mind anymore. So today, my dear, I am setting you free. I will no longer keep you awake at nights- I’ll stop dreaming of you. I will no longer wait for you to call, or to come crawling back to me. I will no longer hate your new lover. And I will no longer hold you back, because that requires me staying in place, too. It’s time I let you go, so I can let myself go. Today, my dear, I am setting you free, so that I can finally free myself.