PART I: The breaking

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

After going through a rough breakup this year, I underwent several stages of dealing with my loss. These included the breaking, the anger, the depression, the replenishing, the acceptance and finally the moving on. In my following posts, I will be describing these stages, hoping to help any of you who may be in a similar situation.

PART I: The Breaking

The breaking was not easy. It is probably the hardest part, because it triggers all the rest. It is the beginning, the core of it all. The breaking came the day you said it was over. My world was shattered within seconds. Between the words coming out of your lips, my dreams were being crushed. It was hard to believe the lips I once used to love and kiss, were the same lips as the ones killing me in that moment. We both said we should end it many times before, but we always knew we’d come back to each other. This time, however, it felt different. I guess we both knew, deep down, that the more we tried, the harder it would keep getting. So we gave up, and it hurt more than I could ever explain in words. How could I possibly write down, with the limit of 26 letters, the vast pain and grief I felt? Honestly, it felt like someone threw a massive rock on top of me.