Mermaid Songs

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

The darkness of the night pulls you in;

The stars tuck you to sleep

The sounds of mermaids humming in your head

They help you sleep better

You hear their voices

in the way mother sang to you when she was alive


Lights across the street

A quick shiver -out of place i must say

in the middle of a dark summer night

It blows you away

It stirs your mind about

Takes it back to old memories


People you miss

Faces you’ve forgotten

Names that began to fade.

They were once important

Not anymore

The shiver goes away


You come back

No more reminiscing

You open your eyes

You wake up- it’s morning

There’s light outside

So why do you still feel dark inside


Maybe if you try to close your eyes and open them again

Maybe that’ll work

So close them

Close the right one first and then the left

Close them tight

Don’t let the sound of birds wake you


Listen to the mermaids

The sirens calling you to follow them

Back into your dreams

Your magical dreams

It’s all better there

You’ll be alright.


Don’t cry, no

Hush now, stop shivering

I know you’re afraid

You’re in her arms now

Go to sleep innocent soul

You don’t belong out here.


-F.Z (thewanderess)