The loss of a loved one

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Losing people is the worst possible nightmare. Whether they’ve moved away, passed away, or you just fought or drifted apart; going from having someone who means a lot to you to not having them at all is quite overwhelming. You will be in denial, your brain sometimes will not quite conceive what is going on, and then it suddenly does. And you cry, but then it goes back to not realizing that you will never see this person again. Because your brain knows that if it allows you to truly understand that you’ve lost this important person, this significant part of your life, you will not be able to handle it; and you will collapse. The worst part of it all, is when you have unfinished business. When you didn’t manage to say something you really wanted to, to see this person one more time, to hug them, apologize, say I love you… And you realize it’s too late now and you will never be able to do these things and it hurts. You are left with that longing and it eats you inside bit by bit. The yearning rips your flesh apart and sucks the life out of your once pure heart. Your mind does not allow you to forget, to heal. Until finally you are left with nothing more than a weak soul and a broken heart.

R.I.P 18/02/16