Struggles of a perfectionist

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

As a perfectionist, I know that it’s hard to live with yourself. I know that perfection is not achievable, so why do i keep fighting to make the difference and actually achieve this silly thing we call perfection?

It is truly difficult, being a perfectionist. Nothing you do can ever be enough. You see, when you’re a perfectionist, even the fact that you’re a perfectionist is an imperfection. This means you are forever dissatisfied. No one and nothing can ever please you, because perfect DOES-NOT-EXIST. But you still strive to the unreachable greatness that nobody has ever reached before, with the secret hope and ambition that you will somehow, someday get there. They say practice makes perfect, but honestly, practice just improves. Nothing, literally, nothing makes perfect. Quite frankly, that word should not even exist because it is something extraordinary. Who invented perfection anyway?

And in the end, you have to accept one thing. And that is not that you are imperfect, or that perfection is indeed not a real thing. Because you are the person that you are, you will never allow yourself to accept those two things. The only thing you actually will be able to live with, is that you are never going to be happy, and you are eternally stuck with your melancholic thoughts, that keep you up at night.