The Bird

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

The girl had lost everything

Her mother and father

Her sister and brother


She moved from one abandoned building

to the other

And slept on rocks and stones


Whenever she could

She went outside

Only to feel the rain on her skin


She knew she didn’t have much time ahead of her

So she tried to be as alive as she could

for the remainder of her days


She saw a shooting star; She closed her eyes

And wished real hard to be a bird

So she could fly away from that godforsaken place


And as she lay that night on the cold concrete

she took a quick look around;

She worried she wouldn’t wake up the next day.


She woke up to the sound of a bomb

And tried to convince herself

That it was only the sound of her heartbeat.


The night sky tucked her back to bed and kissed her goodnight.

She closed her eyes

And never opened them again.


She woke up the next day,

Only to realize her wish had come true

She was now a bird, flying through the colorful sky.


-F.Z (The Wanderess)