Bad Habits

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

As a child, I’ve wondered why anyone would start a bad habit. For example, I could never fathom why people smoke, drink, do drugs and so on. But as I’ve grown it kept getting clearer to me. People like hurting. I guess the idea of slowly killing your insides may sound appealing. The more you grow, the sadder and more tiring your life gets. That’s why it became clear to me, that people are deliberately rushing to kill themselves sometimes. It’s just the way it is. Bad habits are mostly adopted by the saddest of people. And that’s also why most of these habits start in teenage years. Because, let’s be honest. Being a teenager, f*cking sucks. Adults may say that life is harder later on, but no, that’s a lie. It might get more tiring but there is nothing harder than being a teenager. You experience changes in your body, your mind, you start worrying about what others think of you, what you wear, how you look. Peer pressure, bullying, neglect. Having to follow fashion and celebrity icons. Having to socialize, make friends, have boyfriends or girlfriends, having to ‘be cool’ or accepted. While at the same time, you need to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, follow along with your hobbies and do well in school. Teenagers are under a whole shitload of pressure, don’t deny it (forgive my language). And all that pressure and stress makes people seek for an escape, a change in their routine. They want this life to hurry up, they are sick and tired of being disappointed. And because of that, we develop our bad habits. People will tell you “Drink to forget”, “Do drugs to be happy”, “Smoke to relax”. In reality, we all know these things will only have bad consequences. But we still do them.