by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Is there really such thing as fate? Is our entire life written down on a piece of paper? Is every single life, every single action connected, so as for everything to go on the correct path? Is every single moment -including this one- planned out? If that’s not the case, that means everything, our very being, is based on chances, coincidences. If the slightest memory wasn’t there, if something had happened just the slightest bit differently; your life could have been someone else’s. You may have been dead. You may have been another person completely. The fact that your parents were born, was a chance, followed by many chances before that. The fact that your parents met, another chance, and that they fell in love, another one. Your sperm was the winner; what are the odds? Just a lucky coincidence. And then you were born. And all the decisions you’ve ever made and didn’t make have lead you to being the person you are today, reading this. *Just. A. Coincidence.* And just by chance, you will get this job, or not get this job. And there or somewhere else you’ll meet someone by chance and you’ll fall in love by chance and have a kid by chance, or maybe by chance you won’t. And everything you’ve ever done, everything you’re doing and everything you’ll do, will always be chances, decisions you made because of other, previous chances that occurred by chance. Even something as powerful as our universe may have been made by a simple coincidence. All these chances, are the ones that build who you are and who you’ll be, they compose you. But how can we know we’re making the right decisions? “As long as you don’t choose everything remains possible”, said Jaco Van Dormael . But then again, not choosing is a choice itself. So that question shall always remain unanswered and we will keep living, thinking that if we had chosen this or that, our lives would have been better.