by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

For the strangest of reasons, I found myself earlier today staring at the ceiling, wondering who I am. If I ask my mother, my best friend, and a boy from my class who I am, each will give you an entirely different answer. I don’t think anyone truly knows me, yet I don’t think I know myself any better. I have so many different personalities, and I’ve confused myself, not knowing which personality is my real one, or if I even have a real one. We are who we are for so many different reasons, and just one single experience might define the finest of details about ourselves. But without those tiny details, we would not be ourselves, but entirely different people. Time and circumstances will change you, and you will slowly form as a person. Right now, perhaps I haven’t discovered my true personality, because I haven’t actually formed one yet. Maybe I am still looking for those small things that will define me. Without a personality you are not a person, but just a human. If I ask myself, in this very moment, ‘who am I?’- the answer is itself ‘nobody’. One with no personality simply cannot sit and explain to someone who they are, because indeed, they’re not someone. You’ll have people in your life that will try and tell you who you are or who you should be, but that’s one thing only you can ever know and decide. Most importantly, don’t try to be anyone else, as that would only lead you to completely lose yourself and become someone else. The world is in no need of two people who are the same; they will simply keep the original and throw away the copy. So as in from today, I decided I will begin a journey on discovering and forming Me.