What our teachers need to know

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

So I’ve been thinking a lot (as always) and I wound up thinking of things I wish my teachers could have known. First of all, teachers, you need to communicate with us. You shouldn’t see us as students, random kids. See us as people. Imagine we’re your nieces and nephews, or your little siblings. If we haven’t been very consistent with our housework, or if we argue with you in class more than usual, ask to speak with us at the end of the lesson. We may be having problems you don’t know about, or we may feel very pressurized during this time, for some reason. Don’t get mad at us, or call our parents because I can assure you, that will only make things worse. Another thing we wish our teachers knew about us, is that some parents aren’t around a lot. They actually aren’t around at all sometimes. So when our tests haven’t been signed for the past two weeks, it’s not because we were bored, or forgetful.

Something I always wish my teachers knew about me, is that I’m not my sisters. Every single teacher expects I will be just like my two older sisters. However, I’m very different to both of them. Teachers that disliked them, will dislike me, no matter how hard I try or how well I do. Or for example, my sister is really good at art, and every teacher keeps asking me if I can draw. Once a teacher asked me to draw something for her, and when I did, and she saw I don’t draw like my sister, she told me: “never mind, darling, I’ll take it from here”. But in fact, I am best at writing. No one sees that, though, because my sisters were never good at that. People presume I’m just like them, but I’m my own individual. I have my own talents and interests. I would also like some teachers to know that I really love them, and they’re very special to me. Specifically two teachers of  mine have inspired me in a way no one ever has. Yet, I don’t think they know how much influence they’ve had on me, and they seem to treat me just like any other student, even though I treat them better than other teachers. And I just want them to know how incredibly grateful I am to them, for believing in me, and helping me get myself up again and find my way.

We also want our teachers to know, that we are under a lot of stress, and please don’t get mad at us, because we already have so many things going on, and we’re trying to cope with everything; but a person can only take this much. And when we get bad grades it doesn’t mean we didn’t try, or we don’t care, or we’re not intelligent. It could mean a lot of things. Maybe I was sad, or sick on the day of the test; we have a lot on our minds. Or maybe we didn’t have any spare time (this happens to me too often). Sometimes, our relatives may be severely ill, or even we may be severely ill. We might have diseases you don’t know about, so  try to be more lenient. Additionally, teachers should know that sometimes we have trouble sleeping at night, and that’s why we get tired in class. Don’t get angry at us when we get sleepy, ask us if we slept well last night; you could be surprised by the answers you’ll get.

Sometimes students don’t to well under pressure and they may fail every test. Try getting them to relax, and give them the opportunity to take the test verbally, during the break, alone. Another thing that troubles us, is that some of us may feel neglected at home, or may not be getting the attention required. We crave the attention from elsewhere, since we can’t get it at home, and that’s why we may get quite disruptive during the lesson. We don’t mean to upset you in any way, we just need someone to notice us. Speaking of attention, sometimes parents may be praising a student’s siblings more than them, or may be paying more attention to them. So try and help with the situation by speaking with the student during break-time and allowing him/her to open up to you. Lastly, I’d like to say that some parents may belittle us, or underestimate our abilities. So we need you to help us gain enough confidence. We have a lot to offer, but we’re constantly dragging ourselves down, because of our insecurities. Let us know we’re good at something, believe in every single one of us, and never stop trying for our betterment.