A home I can’t go back to. 

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Not too far from where I live, about a fifteen-minute-drive away from my house, I have another home. My mother’s home, my grandparents’ home. But I can’t go there.

Have you ever heard of Famagusta? It’s otherwise known as the ghost town. That’s because no one lives there anymore, and no one is allowed to go there. You see, in 1974 there was an invasion in my country, Cyprus. The Turks captured the city of Famagusta and haven’t given it back ever since. Basically it is left exactly as it was after the invasion, for 41 years now. Quite creepy huh? My mother was eight years old when she was forced to leave her home. She told me stories about it. And stories about the war, and what happened afterwards. She didn’t take many things with her when they left. They thought they’d return. “Don’t lose the key” said my grandfather to my grandmother. Keep it safe till we come back. Yet, so many years later and they still haven’t returned to their home.

My mother would tell me stories about how she’d dream about her toys she left behind, every single night. My grandfather, on the other hand, had worse stories to tell. He witnessed some pretty terrible things. One experience he shared with me, was about a pregnant lady, who had been shot right through her abdomen. The images they saw, the things they’ve lost, the tragedies they’ve been through…I cannot even imagine. My family had a lot of wealth back in Famagusta. My grandparents were educated people, respected a lot by the town. They were even building a new house, but then the invasion happened; and they lost everything.

By writing this, I just wanted to raise some awareness of this situation, as Cyprus is a small island, which not many people know about. So hopefully you’ve learned something new today. I just wish my mother and grandparents will manage to see their home, at least one last time before they’re gone. Is that too much to ask for? Featured image