How writing has changed my life

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

I have always loved to write, I remember ever since I was little girl, I would write my own little stories and poems and I dreamed of becoming a famous writer one day. Whenever I felt down, or whenever I felt happy, or mad I always took it out on writing. Writing has helped me express my feelings freely, as I’m not really good at doing it in speech. I’ve mentioned many times in the past I am an introvert, and I am also a very secretive person, so I really cannot talk to anyone about the way I feel. But when I write, it’s different. I feel like I can change the world by writing. I look at the screen for a few seconds, then I gaze at my fingers which are pressed to the keyboard; and then magic happens. My fingers start to type quickly, there are fireworks inside my head, my thoughts are running wild, I stop holding on to all those thoughts and feelings, and I just let go. Whatever I write, comes from deep within me and whenever I write, I become the real me.

Besides the fact that writing has helped me express myself, it has also helped me develop a personality, and it’s helped me get to know myself. Before I started this blog, I was pretty much lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, what my dreams were, what I’m here for. But now I know. I know that all I want to do is write, write and write. And I know better than ever what kind of person I am. Before I didn’t know what I liked, what I wanted, who I was. Now it’s all so clear to me.

Writing also gave me a lot of confidence. Not too long ago, I was in a pretty dark place. I had an extremely low self-esteem, I had lost all of my confidence. I felt worthless. Not anymore. Now I feel more powerful and more beautiful than ever. I know I can achieve anything and I know I am worth it. This blog has actually given me confidence in my writing as well. When I had just started out in this blog, I thought no one would be reading my posts and I’d be just writing them for myself. But people actually read what I have to say, and some even find it interesting. I remember what getting my first follower felt like. I’m pretty sure I cried a little. Knowing that your work is somewhere appreciated by someone; there’s no better feeling than that.

To conclude, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has encouraged me to continue writing by either following me, liking or commenting. You have given me so much strength to carry on, you have no idea how motivational you all are. Also, I’d like to encourage more people to start or keep on writing, because honestly, writing is life changing.