10 Movies for introverts

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

I’m an introvert, and I know very well how we love to avoid people and just go on Netflix instead. I’ve always had a special kind of affection for films. I’m that friend who ruins the crew’s movie nights cause they can’t find a movie you haven’t already watched before. And so I thought I should share with my fellow introverts out there a list of alternative films you’ll probably (and hopefully) love.

1. Amélie

So this film is a classic, but if you haven’t already seen it, you absolutely have to. It’s a french film, however I’m sure you can find it with subtitles. Also its music is probably the best music of the century, if not of all times. There’s something about French films that just makes you fall in love with them. Click here for the trailer.

2. 500 Days of Summer

This film was actually my favorite for about two years. It has an alternative vibe, something most introverts are definitely into. It’s worth watching, well produced and it’s just beautiful in general. Click here for the trailer.

3. Boyhood

It’s a really cute film, quite magnificent actually. It’s pleasing to watch, and it’s one of those films that you think about long after you’ve seen them. Click here for the trailer.

4. The perks of being a wallflower

Exquisite, puzzling and fascinating. Also quite depressing. Definitely worth watching. Click here for the trailer.

5. Palo Alto

“You’re young and you don’t know why you do things”. A bit of a teenager film but with a touch of different in it. Plus, James Franco is in. So yeah, it’s a must. Trailer here.

6. Chicken with Plums

Another fascinating French film. Extremely unique, my favorite film at the moment, been my favorite for about two years now. It has a really weird vibe, the kind of weird that makes you like it even more. I don’t even know how to explain it in words, watch it and you’ll understand. Trailer here.

7. August Osage Country

A drama film, the kind that extroverts would probably consider boring. But we love these types of films. It’s quiet and laid back but also crazy and interesting at the same time. Won five awards, nominated for 30 more. The trailer doesn’t really look as good as the film is, so don’t judge it only based on the trailer. Trailer here.

8. An education

After watching this, I felt like my life had changed. It’s a pretty amazing film, also was my favorite for a long time. Worth watching, and believe me, the title was given for a reason. It is educating, especially for young girls, cause we can get pretty naive at times. Trailer here.

9. It’s kind of a funny story

I think pretty much all introverts are just in love with Emma Roberts. Yeah, another alternative movie with Emma, also educating. It opens up your eyes to see that if you want to be sad, you’ll be sad and if you want to be happy, you’ll be happy; It’s all in your head. Trailer here.

10. Never let me go

And another film with Carey Mulligan, who we also love. Romantic, dramatic, touching, everything we love. Based on an award winning novel. Trailer here.

Hope you enjoy your films and feel free to leave a review after watching them.