How the youngest sister sees her siblings

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Us, the youngest sisters, when we were kids, you used to bully us a little, I am not going to lie. You were probably a bit jealous of how much attention we drew from the family members, and you treated us unfairly. We were afraid of you, but we also loved you. As we grew a little older, we started looking up to you. We admired you, adored you; we wanted to be you. Because  you were a teenager then, you started wearing makeup, you had a mobile phone; that was pretty amazing. When you left home, we played with your makeup and tried on your clothes and heels. We looked ridiculous, but we didn’t care. We couldn’t wait to grow old and be just like you. Then we grew a bit older, and became teenagers ourselves. We started talking to each other more,about everything and anything. You gave us tips on how to act, how to do the perfect eyeliner wing, how to fix our hair and how to dress. You taught us what qualitative, good music was, you taught us to read books and to love fashion and art. You inspired us to blossom in our own personalities. We saw all your mistakes, and got wiser. We grew faster than we should, but we didn’t care; because all we wanted was to grow up and be like you. In your late teenage years, a great relationship embarks- the fighting stopped, we became best friends. All our troubles from the past are just distant memories which we laugh about. We share unconditional love, the kind that never runs out. And as we grow more, and more, we get to live new experiences, build new memories, grow more fond of you. You will forever be our favorite teachers, our favorite makeup artists, our best fashion icons. Even if we know how to do things by ourselves bny now, we will always value your opinion and advice over everyone else’s. You are still our inspiration. We love you, and we appreciate everything you have ever done for us. We appreciate all those times you took the blame for the things we broke, the rules we didn’t obey, the mess we made. We appreciate all those times you covered up for us to our parents. We appreciate all those times you went through stupid phases and made us realize we must never make the same mistake. We appreciate the fact that you’re our sisters. We love you.