New Year’s Resolutions For Everyone

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

It’s the last day of 2014. A year which brought to us a lot of laughter and joy, along with sadness and tears. A year in which our embarrassing moments were endless, but at the same time a year in which we achieved a lot. Let’s all take some time to think about the past year; all the things we’ve done and the things we wish we’ve done. 2015 is an opportunity, a second chance for all of us to make things right, fix the mistakes we made in the past year. Personally, near the end of 2014, my life started building up again. For me, there could not be a better ending for this chapter (2014). So I am very optimistic for 2015.

Near the end of 2014, I got completely over my depression, the one all teens go through, I felt happier and more confident than ever, I made new friends, cleared up from people I did not want in my life, achieved my biggest goal, and got ready to start a new, happier and more exciting year. Since this is the last day of this year, I thought it would be a good idea for us to make a new year’s resolution. All of my readers (I’d like to hope), along with me, together, creating a resolution for 2015, different for each individual.

Creating your Resolution:

  • Firstly, we should get a piece of paper or go on word to write all of our goals down. Now, to begin, I’d like you to think of people you don’t want in your life, people that make you unhappy, people that make you feel bad about yourself, people who gossip too much, people who judge others. Write down their names and put a big cross on top. You don’t want these people in your life for 2015. This year will be all about you, making yourself happy, regaining your confidence. And these people are only dragging you down.
  • Then, I want you to think of the people who you’d like to have in your life. People who make you laugh and make you feel alive. People with whom you get to be yourself. People who don’t wake up your bad habits. Write their names down, and put a tick next to them. These people are probably keepers for 2015.
  • Also, we should take some time to think of our working/school lives. How are things around that subject and how would you like them to be? If you can work harder, do it. Do you want a raise/promotion/higher grades? Write it down, and be prepared to work hard and sweat for it. Hard work will repay (promise).
  • Time to think about your love life. How’s that going? If everything is well, then your resolution is to keep things as they are. If you didn’t find anyone special yet, or if it isn’t working out, your resolution is to make things better/find someone special.
  • Additionally, this is a part which I personally find important, but some may disagree. I like to make a resolution about my body as well. So if you think you should lose/gain weight or stay as you are, write it down. Achieving the body type you’d like also makes you more confident and happier, which is what we want for the new year.

If you’d like to add more or less things to your resolutions feel free to do so. If you like to add something else in your New Year’s Resolution, leave a comment of suggestions so we can add them as well! I’d also like to mention that sometimes, a year may not go as planned. You may not manage to achieve your goals, or you may lose people who are important to you. Things aren’t always simple. However, the important part is that you try your best to make every year better than the previous one. Happy New Year everyone 🙂