5 Signs you have Commitment Issues

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

Whenever I start getting too attached to something or someone, I tend to find excuses in order to stay away from them, avoid them, until i get, well…”detached”. This is called Commitment Issues. Do you have this? Keep reading and find out.

1.You can’t keep a long-term relationship.

You get really close with a person you love, but after a while, once your heart realizes you’re beginning to have feelings for that person, your mind is trying to convince you that you’re just not that into him/her anymore. And you’ll push them away. You might regret it later, but you’ll keep making the same mistake with other relationships, over and over again. In fact ending a relationship may even relieve you. Friends with benefits sounds quite ideal for you.

2. You don’t exactly have best friends.

You have a group of friends with whom you go out with, you may even be extremely popular and everyone loves you. In fact, maybe some people will think you’re their best friend. But you don’t think they’re yours. You don’t feel too comfortable being really close with one friend of yours. You never invite just one friend over, you don’t want to get too close with any of your friends. Of course, you feel a bit bad when all of your friends have each other as best friends and you’re kind of left out, but you wouldn’t do anything to change that.

3. You can’t keep a stable job.

If you’re an adult, you won’t really seem to be settling with one job. When a new job offer comes up, you’re most likely to accept it. You can’t stand having the same job for too long. You may be forced to keep a job, in order to get a good salary, but you definitely won’t be happy.

4. You don’t like planning ahead.

When it comes to planning something that’s in over a few weeks, you get stressed and feel pressurized. It may be associated with anticipatory anxiety. You just prefer to avoid planning things that aren’t coming soon.

5. Changes scare you…A lot.

You are terrified of changes. You simply hate them. You hate “big deals” too. You do things that you know don’t matter, and you absolutely hate it when people (usually family members) make a big deal out of things, like if you’re with someone, or if you have a new job.

No matter how much Commitment-phobes we are, we all have to step out of our comfort zones at some point. You just do your thing and everything will work out, it always does.