by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

If it’s one thing I can’t stand in my life, is how certain people belittle me. I am the youngest in my family and due to the big age difference with the rest of my family, I never really seemed to receive the required, or at least desired, attention.

So because of this lack of attention I learned to take it easy in life. I know I can do things but sometimes I just don’t feel like I need to prove that I can. People often misunderstand me. They believe that because I don’t showoff my skills, I don’t have any. I know I can achieve anything. However, they don’t know that. They always seem to say things like “It’s okay that you failed, you did your best”. I obviously didn’t do my best, , my abilities are way beyond what they seem to be.

Because of this debasement I have experienced -and am still experiencing- in my life, anytime I meet a person who believes in me, I respect them, I am grateful towards them and I appreciate them.

The fact that some people never believed in me, destroyed my self-esteem, when it comes to my intelligence. For quite a long time I actually convinced myself that I was not clever.  Success is hidden inside of us. Don’t let people push it farther. Every time anyone tries to push that success inside to go one step in, you just pull it two steps out. If no one else believes in you, just believe in yourself, and know that I believe in you.