Love of your life

by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

The “love of your life” will not necessarily love you back. You need to know that. When most of us hear the phrase “Love of my life” we tend to think it’s the person we are going to find magically and fall in love and get married, have kids etc. But that’s not how it is. At least it’s not how I see it.

The way I see it is, you meet someone and suddenly your life changes. Everything you do revolves around this person. You think about him/her all day and dream about him/her all night. Your perspective in life changes. You see the sun a bit brighter, the sky lighter, the grass greener. The world becomes beautiful, and life is worth it. You stop searching for your purpose in life because you don’t care anymore. Your purpose now is to love this person. But unfortunately, this person might not feel this way about you back. This doesn’t mean he/she isn’t the one. It just means you aren’t the one for them. Rarely, you might be the love of each others lives. And that is truly special. But sadly, this is usually not the case. Sometimes you might even be two peoples’ love of their lives, but no one can love two people like this.

And the point isn’t to make the love of your life fall for you or be with you. You can try and convince them to be with you, but don’t insist. If they don’t feel it, they will never be happy being with you. Even if you do her/him everything they ask for, take care of them and love them forever, it won’t be enough. They’ll never feel the way you do, and that will make both of you sad. That’s not what you want, is it?

Your duty as someone who’s found “the one”, is to make this person as happy all the time. Make sure to be there for them, be their shoulder to cry on, protect them, become their guardian angel and their best friend. This way, you’ll feel better, because you’ll be making him/her happy because she/he will have someone to always look after them.