by Girlinshadows (Theheroiccouplet)

I never imagined so many days lead to such short life.
I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how short life is too, because I just can’t help feeling there’s not enough time in this world. It’s literally eating me up. I can’t bear the thought that any day could be my last one. We wake up everyday and risk our lives without even noticing.
You could die today or tomorrow and you don’t know it. I know that you might think “Yes but it won’t happen to me”. But don’t take life for granted. The people who die everyday also thought “Yes but it won’t happen to me.” Take advantage of your life and go out and do something. Kiss the girl you have a crush on, even if she slaps you later. Go visit your grandparents even if you’re dying of boredom there. Do things that will matter, because when you die, you won’t be thinking about the chances you took, but about the chances you didn’t take.